Extreme Dog Fence 18 Gauge Boundary Wire - Multiple Lengths in Continuous Spools 1000 Feet

Extreme Dog Fence 18 Gauge Boundary Wire - Multiple Lengths in Continuous Spools 1000 Feet


Extreme Dog Fence 18 Gauge Boundary Wire - Multiple Lengths in Continuous Spools

Product Details

Size: 1000 Feet
Brand: Extreme Dog Fence
MPN: ExtremDogfence7889
UPC: 729440528454
EAN: 0729440528454

  • Product Dimensions: 6.3 x 6.3 x 6.3 inches ; 9 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 9.9 pounds
  • Item model number: ExtremDogfence7889
  • SPECS: This Option is for a Single Conductor 1000 Foot Continuous Spool of 18 Gauge Wire, with a Polyethylene Jacket and Solid Copper Core. Highly Resistent to Moisture, Chemicals, Abrasion, Cut-Through, and Elongation.
  • UNIVERSAL: Any of the Spools of Fence Wire on this Listing will Work with Any Inground Pet Fence Manufactured by PetSafe , Innotek , Perimeter Technologies , Dogtra , DOGTEK , Invisible Fence Brand , SportDOG , High Tech Pet , Pet Stop , or DogWatch. They Can Serve as Standard Dog Fence Boundary Wire, or Have 2 Lengths Combined to Create Your Fence's Twisted Wire. This is an Excellent Choice if You Want Your Underground Dog Fence to Last and Last.
  • THE GOOD STUFF: This Wire is Not the Same Grade Wire you Will Find at a Building Supply Store or Depot. This Wire is Polyethylene Covered, Direct Ground Burial Rated and Resistent to the Sun's Rays. It is Designed to Perform out in the Elements and Provide Years of Solid Reliability. Most of Our Wire Will Last Longer than the Life of Your Beloved Pet.
  • VERSATILE: These Single Conductor, Solid Copper Core Wire Spools are NOT Limited to Use on Your Inground Dog Fence Systems, but Can Also be Used in Sprinkler or Irrigation Applications, Low Voltage Lighting, Tracer Wire, and any THHN or THWN Scenario.
  • MADE IN U.S.A.: All of eXtreme Dog Fence Brand Wire is Manufactured in America, So You Know You Can Rely on its Peformance for Years Beyond the Cheap Stuff that is Typically Packaged with Factory Underground Dog Fence Kits.

Size:1000 Feet eXtreme Dog Fence Brand Perimeter Wire - 18 Gauge | 1000' Continuous | Thick Polyethylene JacketYour dog's well being is paramount, so when it comes to the safety of such a beloved member of the family, -invest in a reliable, well constructed, top quality boundary wire for your static correction electric dog fence. You may save a few dollars if you chose a cheaply made PVC covered wire, but when it breaks down in a few years, you will find yourself spending more time and money digging up that wire to locate and fix/replace the degraded material that renders your fence useless.Don't fall into that cycle. Your dog is too important. Instead, invest in a U.S.A made, high quality wire provided by the world's foremost experts on dog fence wire. All the wire you see on this listing is covered in polyethylene (PE), not PVC. Our low density polyethylene protective jacket is superior to PVC in many respects, such as: PE's temperature range is -55° to +600°c, PVC's is only -10° to +60°c PE is 30% lighter than PVC PE is more moisture resistant than PVC PE's insulation resistance is 50,000 Meg-Ohms/1000'. PVC's is 200 Meg-Ohms/1000'. This means much better electrical protection PE has higher chemical resistance PE has stronger abrasion and cut-through resistance PE has a better elongation resistanceOur wire is proudly made in the United States. We pride ourselves on providing a top quality wire for the benefit and safety of your family pet.